Do Architecture Students Need Laptops? Should I Buy a Laptop for Architecture School?

If you’re going to be an architecture student soon, you might be wondering if you need a laptop. The question also arises if you should buy a laptop or a desktop PC? I explain whether you should get a laptop as an architecture student and if it’s even required.

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Do Architecture Students Need Laptops?

I’ve already made a video on what specs you should have for your architecture laptop or computer, but I want to talk about if it’s actually required to buy a laptop as an architecture student, and if you should get one.

In this video, I share my experiences through the last 5 years of high school and as an architecture student to help you choose whether you need a laptop or computer for architecture school.

But I wanted to answer the question if it’s required to have a laptop? Or, can you get away with not having one?

A lot of students think that because it’s the “norm” to own a laptop, that it’s essential for you too. But, that’s not the case. As you’ll hear in the video, I don’t own a laptop, and I’m a third-year architecture student.

Instead, I own a desktop PC. It’s not portable, but that’s what suits me.

Watch the video to find out if you need a laptop as an architecture student!

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Should I Buy a Laptop for Architecture School?

“… so yes. I do think you need a computer as an architecture student. It’s vital for your success as an architect.

You do need the software, you do need the programs that will let you design.

However, whether you need a laptop or PC, it’s totally dependent on the way you learn and the way you’re actually going to use it.”

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Check out the episode on choosing your laptop/pc’s specs (the best computer for architecture students).

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