14 Challenges You Will Face as an Architect / Architecture Student | 096

The Challenges of Architecture

Architecture is a challenging profession to work in. The challenges of architecture are diverse, but they do not necessarily make it a bad profession.

I asked 15 architects what their biggest challenges are and got 15 completely different responses. Here are 14 challenges you need to prepare yourself for if you are thinking of becoming an architect.

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14 Challenges You Will Face as an Architect / Architecture Student

  1. Finding a balance.
  2. Some projects just suck.
  3. Beginners do not know everything.
  4. Keeping the clients happy.
  5. The volume of admin work.
  6. Finding work as a graduate
  7. Cannot be biased – even outside of your work.
  8. It does not give you the skills to run a business.
  9. Unrealistic deadlines.
  10. Communication – you can have the best ideas but if you cannot express them, they’re worthless.
  11. Difference between school and practice
  12. It takes a lot.
  13. There is an enormous responsibility.
  14. Deadlines. Again.

This video will give you an insight into the challenges of architecture and offer advice for making the most of the opportunities they give you.

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