045: An Architect’s Advice for Group Work in Architecture School – Make it Your Advantage

Conflicting personalities and ideas, group members not showing up and group members not doing any work. These are just a few of the many frustrating scenarios that you will experience when doing group work in architecture school.

You’d be happy to know that group work isn’t always bad times and horror stories. In fact, working in groups has been some of the most rewarding and enjoyable times during my years in architecture school.

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The Importance of Group Work in Architecture School

This clip episode is a snippet from the hour-long interview with Anthony Laney of Laney LA.

Anthony is an architect with a team of 12 staff members. Anthony tributes the success of Laney LA to their ability to work as a team.

Laney LA is a high-tech, high-touch architecture firm that operates like an engine. Every moving part, every team member has their role which allows the final product to be something spectacular.

Rather than group work being something that holds him back, Anthony understands that the collaborative efforts of multiple experts has the potential to make something great.

Anthony explains how you too can make group work your distinct advantage in architecture school by bridging his practice with educational work.

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Teamwork is Everything in Architecture

“In terms of group work, all day long, I would choose the team mate who makes the team look better rather than the individual look better.

That’s why I think I have the best 12 people you could find.”