How to Stay Motivated to Become an Architect – Interview with Vesal

How to Stay Motivated to Become an Architect – Interview with Vesal | SAS Podcast 22

It’s difficult to stay consistently motivated to do something. Vesal from Karaj, Iran, has been motivated to study architecture for the past 6 years and nothing is stopping her.

On today’s episode of the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast, Vesal and I talk about how you can stay persistently motivated to study architecture, how you can prepare for architecture school and what you should fear before starting.

Vesal shares her experiences and journey with us on episode 22.

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How To Be (And STAY) Motivated To Study and Achieve Your Goals | SAS Podcast 5

On today’s episode, I talk about how a lot of students, like me, have been reaching out and saying how they’re not sure if they’re fit for architecture. They seem to get motivation in bursts, rather than having a persistent motivation to study. It comes, and it goes. The problem with this is that you start to doubt yourself. You need to anchor in these 4 habits I talk about to help drive a constant and persistent motivation to study architecture.
Specifically, I’ll talk about:
• Creating a definite purpose, goal or dream to strive for.
• Creating a definite plan to achieve this goal.
• Ignoring the discouragement and negativity of others, and your own mind.
• Attracting and accepting the encouragement of others, and your own mind.