How to Gain Motivation as an Architecture Student – Getting “Unstuck” | 075

Gaining Motivation

No motivation, unsure, and stuck in place. These are common challenges we face as architecture students.

In this video, you’ll find out what I do to gain motivation in architecture school to get “unstuck”.

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How to Gain Motivation as an Architecture Student – Getting “Unstuck”

Architecture students don’t have an easy life in school. When times get tough, we can begin to dwell and fall into a spiral of demotivation. It can get worse and worse over time – we lose motivation, we do nothing, we know how important work doing is, we get more demotivated, we die from heart attack.


I want to teach you how to gain lasting motivation to study and do well in architecture.

If you’re stuck and are not motivated, I feel like it’d be a good idea to take a day off. Go to the beach or a place you like and bring some paper and a pen. Write down what got you into architecture in the first place. Write down where you’re going and what you have to do to get there. Really try visualise who you want to be, the things in life you want and how architecture is the vessel to get you there.


Sometimes it’s a matter of just getting stuck because you have no vision of why you started in the first place. The work becomes mundane because it’s got no meaning. But once you create that fire again and find the meaning it becomes easy.


I think you’ll be just fine! Motivation comes in waves. That’s because it’s a habit. Sometimes you got to keep fuelling that habit by thinking back to your goals consistently and constantly remind yourself why you started.

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