How You Can Work on Real Projects from Around the World as an Architecture Student & Get Paid For It | 074

Get Paid for Real Experience as an Architecture Student

Want to know how to get experience working on real projects as an architecture student (and get paid lots for it)?

EveryUrban is a new start up for designers, young to experienced that allows just that.

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Get Experience as an Architecture Student & Get Paid (Lots) for it with EveryUrban

EveryUrban connects designers of architecture with real development projects and income opportunities while maintaining creative freedom and gaining industry experience.

Today, I interview Pauline Lam and Alex Brogantz from EveryUrban to explain the opportunities available to you as a young designer.

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“EveryUrban was created in order to help propel the world of development, design and planning towards the future through adopting technologies and strategies to create the best sustainable communities. We aim to empower creativity by offering opportunities to designers from all backgrounds and skillsets around the world.

Design Architects can more closely connect with their core passions and freely create without limiting imagination to a strict agenda while gaining experience and income opportunities to further their careers.”

Pauline and Alex share their intentions and ambitions behind EveryUrban. They put in a lot of hard work to ensure students are well compensated and protected.

We discuss what EveryUrban is all about, their latest project that was completed (a 7 plex in Toronto) and the big project to come (250-280 Unit Development with a compensation of over 55,000 Canadian Dollars for the designer)

I highly recommend signing up on their website to start receiving brief proposals that you can work on and get paid for.


0:00 Introduction

0:55 Alex Introduction

5:10 Pauline Introduction

10:17 What is EveryUrban?

16:28 What is the role of Architecture Students in EveryUrban?

30:48 Why you should get involved

35:33 How you can get involved & start working on real projects

37:13 The future of EveryUrban

39:15 7 Plex (Most Recent Project)

48:05 250-280 Unit Complex (Next Project)

52:23 $55,000 Design (That You Can Win)

57:22 How to make a successful design that wins (advice)

62:24 Conclusion

A massive thank you to Pauline and Alex for taking the time to talk with me.

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