Life of an Archi Student SNAPCHAT!

Join me as I struggle through architecture school.

snapchat life of an architecture student

Get Daily Insights into Architecture School

Insights into my work

Everyday I document the work I do on Snapchat. When you add me, you'll get daily snaps showcasing what it's like to study architecture. You'll get to see the work I produce and my journey producing it.

Watch students present

I'll be recording my crits and other students crits. You'll be able to watch us either get roasted or praised - either way it will be entertaining and insightful.

Funny moments

I'll be snapping all the funny moments in my day-to-day archi student life. From sleep-deprived nights where I talk nonsense, to the moments at university that'll make you giggle. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Send me your work!

Send me a snap of your work! I'll share it on my story on Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram! (that's a combined audience of over 100,000 archi students!)

Learn daily tips

You'll learn vital bits and bobs of information that will help you become a Successful Archi Student.

Insights in the profession

I'll be undergoing an internship for 20 days later in this year. Snapchat will be a way for me to document the entire thing and give you guys and girls an insight into the profession.

Send me questions!

I'm always answering questions. Snapchat allows me to do more of that and I'll more than likely respond with a video recording of my answer. This is perfect for shorter questions you have. If you ever have a question while studying, send a snap and ask away. I'll get back to you ASAP.


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