How to Stay Motivated to Become an Architect – Interview with Vesal | SAS Podcast 22

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It’s difficult to stay consistently motivated to do something. . .

Vesal from Karaj, Iran, has been motivated to study architecture for the past 6 years and nothing is stopping her.

On today’s episode of the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast, Vesal and I talk about how you can stay persistently motivated to study architecture, how you can prepare for architecture school and what you should fear before starting.

Vesal shares her experiences and journey with us on episode 22.


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Episode 22 Transcript. How to Stay Motivated to Become an Architect – Interview with Vesal

Kyle  0:00 

This is the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast episode 22.


Kyle  0:48 

Hey guys, welcome to the show. Today I’m bringing on another guest because last time we had sureno on the podcast and today, we’ve got Vesal from Iran of the cell is a 19 year old student from Iraq, she chose to go to art school instead of high school. Vesal decided to major in architecture since she was 13. And I think that’s quite incredible to have motivation for the last seven years or six years of her life. So I’ve been asking her some questions about how she stays motivated to study architecture. And she’ll also be sharing some things about how you can succeed as a high school student who wants to go into architecture. And she also explained some of the cool things about art school instead of high school. And really, it’s just going to be a great show. It’s all a bit shorter than the last episode. So we really just get straight into the details and straight into the advice for you guys. And so I find that I think that you’ll find this video really, really helpful. So without further ado, let’s get straight into the interview with wsl


Kyle  1:51 

This is the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast episode 22.


Kyle  1:55 

Welcome to another show. Today I’m here with a very special guest. I’m here with Vesal, from Iran. What’s up so


Vesal  2:03 

everything is good here it’s snowing. Hi to my friends who are watching this.


Kyle  2:10 

Beautiful. It’s a real pleasure to have you on the show. And we did have some technical struggles there for a little bit but we are finally here together. So I want to get to know a bit more about you and your story. So in the emails you were sending me, you said that you’re about two months out of college and you chose to go to art school because High School was boring and not for you, which I completely agree with. Could you tell me a bit more about yourself and where you are in terms of Architecture?


Vesal  2:44 

I’m Vesal from Iran, Tehran, and I’m 19 years old. I have graduated in practical University in cottage and I’m alive with architecture. I love the things that are related to architecture. That’s all.


Kyle  3:08 

Beautiful. And so, you decided on architecture since you were 13. So why did you Why did you decide to pursue architecture? What what was so appealing? or What did you like the most about architecture?


Vesal  3:21 

First, I have to say, none of my family is graduate from architecture and I wanted to major in something different in my family. I wanted to experience something different. And on the other hand, my oldest sister knew about my skills and the economy of my country, she told me to, she offered me to go to architecture school and I accepted it. And from my childhood, I loved building and making my kids I’ve played seems Love that I’m still in love with that game. Even when I saw a thing, I started to draw doors and windows for that. And I knew about my skill. I prepare to continue in lots I have the skill.


Kyle  4:27 

Awesome. And so over the past that though be six years now, have you ever lost motivation to study architecture? And if so, how did you convince yourself to keep on going through that? Hmm,


Vesal  4:43 

yes, I first lost my motivation last time, but I am a human, you know, we are all human, not computers. We need rest. You know, when Person focused on a special thing for a long time. And she or he needs to have some rest. Now, of course I can’t accept any excuses except rest except tired things like this. And sometimes when my teachers are not, we’re not so friendly with me. And they hate me like a simple like algebra students. I lost my motivation and after a bad day and knew about me, we started to have gorgeous designs. I finished so many beautiful designs and process projects with employee attrition. That is There’s no reason to giving up and losing your motivation and the way you love. I’m sorry, I can’t speak. Very good.


Kyle  6:11 

You’re doing great. Yeah, really well.


Vesal  6:15 

Thank you so much.


Kyle  6:17 

And so, for the students who are out there who struggle to stay motivated and stay on track, to kind of had this long term motivation like you did for six years, what advice would you give to them who are struggling?


Vesal  6:30 

Well believe your skills, leave your thoughts and let yourself be something tire. And the situation in a personal life sometimes is a variable, you know, and it’s normal to sometimes giving up and you know, when an architecture has enough of knowledge, that What I inner misty is creating she or he could never get tired, you know.


Kyle  7:12 

Yeah, I agree  if you have a passion for something then it doesn’t consider as work. And it really helps push you towards doing it more and doing more of what you love because it’s, it’s something you enjoy doing so it’s not work to you. And so you mentioned that you go to art school and so I wonder what I want to know how this differs or how this is different to high school?


Vesal  7:40 

Absolutely, artist school and high school has so many different in the article you can see more, in my viewpoint, you can see so many special characters, so many special people with different mind, you know You can see so many colors, you can see so many judgments from projects that see it’s I prefer artist school because I love art. And I think I’ve created creative just for art. You know, high school was so boring for me mathematics, physics was so boring for me. There were too many steel danced at that word with color. They just wrote numbers. And like this, it was fun for me. It’s my character.


Kyle  8:37 

Sweet. And on that topic, is there anything you do in your free time? Because you’re obviously very artistic and very creative. And so that’s kind of something that you’ve got an edge over other students with. But is there anything you do in your free time to get ready for architecture school or I guess any any kind of drawing or reading or Practicing using programs and software. So anything you do,


Vesal  9:04 

yeah, I tried to learn Revit with myself in house. And also I practice tree, the max. And I love it. I love this modeling program. And I also watch architecture progressed in YouTube and TV. And one of my teachers, my one of my best teachers have offered me to work with her. And I accept that I’m working with her. Yeah,


Kyle  9:36 

that’s awesome. Wow. Yeah, that’s, that’s gonna give you even more of an edge over other students that that’s an absolute. Yeah, that’s something I think it’s really good.


Vesal  9:47 

Thank you.


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