how to be an architect, how to become an architect without a degree

How to Become an Architect. The Unconventional Way | SAS Podcast 11

On this episode of the Successful Architecture Student’s Podcast, I am honoured to have a chat with UX design professional Andrew MacDonald.

Andrew is on an unconventional journey to becoming an architect by creating a portfolio of his UX design work.

Two Universities have acknowledged his untraditional approach to study his masters and are in favour of this idea.

This will allow him to skip studying the 4-year bachelor degree.

On the show, you will listen to Andrew’s strategy to becoming an architect and it will allow you to open your mind to the various opportunities you have to achieving your goals and dreams.

What Skills Do You Need as An Architect / Student of Architecture | SAS Podcast 7

On today’s episode, I compare the traditional skills you need (or may not need) to study architecture with some skills I think will really take your abilities to a whole new level. A lot of students ask me if they have had to learn mathematics, chemistry, physics, art or computer skills to be able to study architecture. In this episode, I hopefully clear up some misconceptions that students might have.
Specifically, I’ll talk about:
• Do you need to be good at math to study architecture?
• Do you need to be good at science to study architecture?
• Do you need to be good at art or hand drawing to study architecture?
• Do you need to be good at technology / IT / CAD to study architecture?
• What skills are actually important to learn to succeed in architecture or architecture school?
• Management of time, budget and people
• Communication/social/people skills