How to Get A Job in Architecture After Graduating? Advice For Architecture Students | Architecture Student Q&A 4

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“How can I get a job after graduating bachelors of architecture?

On today’s episode, I answer Harshita’s second question (IG @ harshi_0428)

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“How can I get a job after graduating architecture?”

Getting work after graduation as an architecture student.

Harshita then asked “Can we get a job with studying a Bachelor of Architecture?”, she said B arch, which I assume is the Bachelor of Architecture. And again, it’s just a very demanding course, it’s going to require that you put in a lot of time and effort. And if you do that, and you’re completely focused on it, and enjoy enjoying what you’re doing along the way . . . That’s, again, something else . . . You must be passionate about it. If you’re not passionate about it, it’s not going to pull you; you’re going to be pushing it, which is obviously a lot harder.

Once you graduate from architecture. If you don’t have a job straight away, your job is to get a job. It really comes down to how motivated you are and how passionate you are about actually getting a job because as much as people say that there are no jobs out there. There are jobs out there. Sometimes you just have to find them yourself or create them yourself. Go to architecture firms and hand in your resumes and offer yourself for free, offer free services or make a video for them or something.

Your ability to find a job will come from how persistent you are in networking and going to events and meeting new people and creating the opportunities for yourself rather than waiting on someone to hand you the opportunity on a silver platter because that’s not going to happen.




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