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What the heck even is architecture? Art? Science? Engineering?

Really, it’s a mix between all three, and many others.

Let’s dig a bit deeper into what it means to be an architect, and find out EVERYTHING you need to know before you get started as an architecture student.


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“What actually is architecture? What do I need to know before studying it?”

In the 17th episode of the Successful Architecture Student Podcast, I answer Sabrina’s question (IG @Sabrinaaang).

It involves being creative. Drawing plans and sketches, creating renders and models.

It involves being technically analytic. Identifying problems and creating solutions. Putting things together in the most effective way possible.

It involves being a salesperson and business wiz. Understanding your clients, contractors and the various other people you come across on your every day.

It involves so damn much. And I love it.


But do you need to have all these skills, or any knowledge before starting architecture?

No, not at all.

The great thing about it is that you’ll learn everything you need along the way.

You do need one thing, however.


If you have passion – that is what will allow you to learn the rest through practice and experience. Without passion, you won’t make it.

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15.30% of them were accepted.
8.50% of them made it through to the second half of their education.
2.04% of them were awarded a degree in Architecture (post-graduate)
0.78% of them ended up working a job in architecture.

Successful Archi Student is a platform for architecture students to learn off one another to become the LESS THAN 1% of students who end up being successful in the profession.

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Episode 17 Transcript. What Actually is Architecture? Everything You Need to Know to Begin Studying it


Yo guys, what’s going on?



I just wanted to quickly make a video about a question I just got asked on in on the Instagram page. This was sent in by @Sabrinaaang. And what she was asking was, it’s quite a long winded question. So I’m just gonna read out a little bit of it. But she said “Hello, may I ask you a question? Is architecture, an art course, or a science course?” There’s a lot of other stuff in there. It says, “…but I really have a deep instinct to study in architecture, although I do not know anything of it.”



What I’ve said to this is that, architecture really is a jack of all trades in the sense that there’ll be days where you being artistic and creative creating renders and models and plans and all these kind of drawings and stuff. And then there’ll be other days when you’re working on technical drawings or trying to solve problems and figuring out how things go together. And so on top of that, there’s a number of other tasks. These include communicating and working with others, being analytical and being able to solve problems all wrapped up with the need to be an effective sales or business person.



So really what I was trying to say is that it’s a whole mix of different skills wrapped into the one profession. The thing is, though, is that you’ll learn all those skills along the way. You don’t need to know any of them to begin with. And that’s what kind of traps a lot of students they think that they need to know this stuff before they start architecture school. But really, there are no prerequisites, there are no requirements to start architecture, which means that that allows you to gain and learn these skills along the way through practice and experience and education in university or college.



So further along, in her message, she says, “I’m now taking foundation in science, and many of my colleagues told me that I’m going to waste my time if I’m going to take architecture soon in my bachelor degree.”



What I want to say to that is, you don’t need to have these skills, you’re not gonna be wasting your time because you’re going to be doing something that you love. You need to have a passion for architecture if you want to be successful at it, because that allows you to gain all those skills along the way. If you don’t have a passion for it, and you’re just doing it because it’s a high paying job, despite it not actually being one, but that’s kind of a misconception about architecture, or you’re doing it because it’s some kind of thing that people look up to. And it seems like a respected job. If you’re doing it for just those reasons, you’re not going to be as successful as someone who is passionate and motivated to do well in it.



So, I say all you need to start architecture is passion. And if you have that you’ll go really far. So relating back to the question, “is it an art or science course”. Really, it’s a mix of both. And I’m going to put a little image up on the screen, which explains that really. Architecture is this mix between technical skills and creative skills. And then there’s a whole bunch of other stuff that play into that as well, which is why I call it the jack of all trades.



Hopefully that answers your question, Sabrina, and anyone else that had that question as well. This was just a quick video and if you enjoyed it, please SUBSCRIBE and LIKE and comment. It It really does help me. And yeah, thank you guys so much. We’ll see you the next video.


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