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What is the best part about studying architecture?

Why should I study to become an architect?

As a sequel to last week’s episode, today I have 7 of my best reasons why you should study architecture to become an architect.

I hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to discuss anything in the comments below. I try to respond to every comment 🙂

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15.30% of them were accepted.
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2.04% of them were awarded a degree in Architecture (post-graduate)
0.78% of them ended up working a job in architecture.

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Episode 13 Transcript. 7 Reasons you SHOULD Study Architecture – The Best Things About Architecture School


This is the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast episode 13.

Hey everyone, welcome to the episode today. Today I want to talk about the seven best things about architecture school because I my last episode on the podcast was about the seven worst things or seven reasons not to study architecture. And really they were reasons to study architecture, but trying to hide them and things that we tell ourselves about architecture school that really are just causing us not to do as well as we can. And I do think there are some things about architecture school that are bad and make us unmotivated. There are definitely some better things about architecture school, some great things about architecture school that really pushed me to keep going, and I want to share those things with you today.

For example, number one of this episode, these are in no order at all. But the best thing about architecture school number one is the fact that you can be creative. And obviously if you’re driven towards studying architecture, you’re probably a creative person. And you’ve got a lot of great ideas. And the fact that studying architecture allows you to share those ideas and that creativity Such a great way where you know, before studying architecture, you might have had these great thoughts and ideas for buildings. Or maybe it might have been just something else that you always just, you’re always thinking about something and being creative in your mind. However, it’s only until you actually start studying architecture that you can start to put those thoughts and ideas onto paper and you can start creating them into real things.

And that’s number two of this of the best things about architecture school, you have the ability to see your creativity in real form in physical form, the fact that you can either have a built project, and you can see all your plans and all the ideas that you’ve just taken from your mind and put them onto paper. These ideas are then becoming a reality and people are living inside of your creative thoughts in mind. And so I think that’s just spectacular. The fact that you can be extremely creative, but before studying architecture, you wouldn’t have a way of releasing this creativity to the world, and in the sense that it’s got a physical form to it.

And so the third best thing about architecture school is the fact that there’s a lot of flexibility. You don’t have to be really good Just sitting in your room for 16 hours straight, because you might be a really big introvert and and that’s something you can do with architecture, you can be introverted, and be extremely successful with architecture. On the other hand, though, it’s got flexibility in the sense that you could be extremely extroverted. And maybe that’s the niche, you go down the fact that you’re really good at communicating your work and working in groups and working with clients and, and different contractors, maybe that’s what makes you a successful architect. And the fact that you don’t have to be a certain specific type of person is great, because it means you can be yourself. And there’s flexibility for that and saying that the work is extremely lenient as well, the fact that you can be either really analytical and really good at technical drawing and construction details. And that’s the niche you go down. Otherwise, you could be on the other hand, and you can be extremely creative, and you’ve got a lot of great ideas and thoughts. And then that’s what you known for. That’s what you’re really good at doing. And that’s the great thing about architecture is the fact that you could be really good at just general things. Otherwise you can go and niche down into a specific field and get really good at that. But being An architect, you’re kind of a specialist in every field anyway. And that’s the great thing about architecture is that you’re going to learn a lot of different skills and there’s flexibility in what you learn, you’re not always doing the same thing. You’re not just going into an office to draw plans for 16 hours of the day, however long you want to work for, the fact is that you’re going to be going on client meetings, and you got to go to site visits, and you gotta go, doing different, different kind of drawings and renders, you’re going to be meeting up with contractors and a whole lot of different other things. Which is why architecture is such a great thing to study because you are going to be an architect who has flexibility in the things that you work on the flexibility of who you are, and flexibility of what you do throughout your day. It’s a number four.

The best thing about architecture number four is the fact that it is extremely difficult studying architecture, I won’t lie. It’s not an easy thing to study. There’s also at least seven years of studying before you can get registered as an architect, which is a long time. But the fact is, that if you don’t intend You’re the journey than the destination is not worth it. And the thing with architecture is, is that the journey is absolutely incredibly fun. It’s such a great thing, like when I’m working on my project, and this might not be the same for everyone, but if you’re creative, and you’re passionate about building things and designing things, then you’re gonna be working for, you know, 16 hours in your room. And the time is just gonna fly by because of how much fun you’re having. It’s not something that you’re grinding out. It’s not like you’re studying for an exam, you’re working on something that is extremely fun. And the fact is that when you’re working, you have endorphins running through, and you’re going to be on a high pretty much when you’re studying because you’re really enjoying what you’re doing. So the fact that it’s difficult, it’s outweighed by the fact that it’s incredibly fun, and it’s something that you’re going to be passionate about and something you’re going to enjoy.

So the fifth best thing about studying architecture is the fact that you’re going to get good at managing your time and managing stress and managing everything around you really, as an architect, you’re pretty much a juggler of different types. asks, you know, you’re always going to have more than one thing going on. And so you’re going to get better at managing your time and managing your stress over time, because it’s something you’re practicing every day. And it’s something that you’re consistently working on. And the thing is, you’re not going to be just using these skills in the profession of architecture or when you’re studying in architecture school. The fact is, you’re going to have to manage your time and manage your anxiety and stress and you have to manage everything going on around you all of the time. So having these skills and being able to consistently work on them, is extremely beneficial. As a student, as a person, as an architect, it’s going to be incredibly helpful. And that’s literally one of the best things that I enjoy about architecture school is the fact that you’re going to be consistently getting better at managing yourself and managing your time, you’re definitely going to see these skills showing up in different parts of your life and you’re going to see how beneficial being able to manage your time and manage yourself actually is.

Which leads me on to number six, the best thing about studying architecture, and that is the fact that you want to be playing some music Really cool technology, either now or in the future, because I don’t know where technology is heading for the future of architecture and architecture students. But I can only imagine it’s going to be incredibly fun and incredibly experiment shoe and just a lot of fun really, at the moment, we’ve got VR and AR. And so you know, I walked into my class the other day, and my friend whipped out his phone, and he showed me this building his augmented reality building. So he scans something on a flat piece of paper, and he puts his phone over it, and it’s showing a full 3d building as if it’s in front of me. I’m like, dude, that’s frickin sick. Like, honestly, like the fact that you can just have a building show up on your phone when you look at it. Or if I was wearing a VR goggles, then I’d be able to see and walk through his home, which is designed overnight. And it’s kind of like, well, and so the fact that you can play with this really cool technology and the fact that it’s only going to be getting better over time and in the future. I can’t even imagine what’s going to happen. That is really Really cool. And it’s something that motivates me to keep going. Because I always want to be trying that new thing. And being able to show clients that being able to show my teachers what I’ve been learning, it’s definitely a really, really, really rewarding feeling.

So that leads us to number seven, the seventh best thing about studying architecture. And that is the fact that there’s a longevity of architects and buildings, we’re always going to need buildings, your career in architecture is going to serve you for a very, very long time, because of the fact that we’re always going to need buildings to be extended and upgraded and rebuilt and redesigned and renovated. And the fact is that architects make that happen. So it’s not an industry that’s going anywhere. It’s not like some industries nowadays that don’t have a future because of the way technology is progressing. With technology architecture is only going to get stronger and stronger until we design a program that allows us to automatically generate building designs and there’s no need for architects. So if someone wants to design that you’re going to be very wealthy from doing that. But the fact is, I think that having a human touch to architecture is always going to be a thing. We’re always going to need architects and your career is not going to be going anywhere. So it’s definitely a safe choice tonight to become an architect. And it’s definitely going to be extremely rewarding in the long run, because it’s, it’s a career, you can spend the next 50 years on, and over that time, you’re only going to be getting better. And in fact, most architects don’t really get to their peak design stage in their peak salary stage until they hit around their 50s. And, you know, that’s, that’s when you become a really knowledgeable architect and you start getting a lot more clients, you started doing a little bit of work and you start getting paid a lot more. And so a lot of architects complain that they are underpaid and not getting paid as much. It’s the fact that you’re going to get paid more with the more experienced in practice and knowledge you have. So obviously, when you’re 25 years old, and you’re just starting as an architect, your salary is not going to be great compared to someone who’s been working in the field for the past 50 years. But that’s a straying away from my point that there’s going to be a longevity in your career, you’re going to have your career and career options for the rest of your life. And so it’s definitely a safe choice to make.

So they were just some of my ideas and some of my thoughts and the seven best things about architecture school and why I love studying architecture. I’d love to hear from you guys, what your favorite thing about architecture school is, what is the one thing that really drives you to become an architect, please leave a comment on YouTube or Instagram or, or wherever you are watching or listening to this on. I would love to hear your thoughts about this.

And by the way, guys, I just released my ebook. It’s called How to ace any project in architecture school and it’s a step by step guide to achieving excellent results as a student of architecture. So if that interests you definitely go and grab that book. It’s up on my website. now. I’ll put the link in the description and yes, this is me selflessly plugging my book but the fact is, I really think that this is going to help your education immensely and If you don’t pick it up, that’s fine with me, it’s not gonna affect me at all. But I really wanted to get it to you so that you can read it and learn the steps I take to make my projects better and how I went from being a straight c student to a straight high distinction student for the last two years. I really want to get this book to you guys. So please check out the description click the link. I’ll just check the book out if you want. For those of you that are listening or watching right now. Thank you guys so much. Please subscribe to the channel. Please like the video and I will see you in the next episode of the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast.



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