What University/College Should You Study Architecture at? | Are They All The Same? | Architecture Student Q&A 2

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Are all architecture programs the same?

Which University/College/Program should I choose to study architecture?

What’s the best architecture program to study at?

On today’s episode, I answer Luis’s Second and Third question from the Architecture Student’s Q&A Podcast (IG @myname1sluis).

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"What Architecture School Should I Apply At?"

“Are all architecture schools the same? What one should I pick to study at?”

Luis asked three questions in this one comment. His next question was “are all architecture programs the same? Such as Cornell University, Virginia Tech, architectural association of architecture in London.”

I’m not going to pretend like I know the answer to this. I haven’t been to more than one university as I’ve always studied in South Australia. I don’t think they are all the same. They’ve definitely got their own different niches about them and different qualities that make them what they are. And obviously, that’s why you have some higher-ranking universities over different ones.

Luis then asked, which I recommend for you guys to go to but because I’ve only been at the one university it’s hard to answer this but then it just goes down to like, what do you actually want out of architecture? You might need do a bit of research into these universities to see what they’re offering, and which suits your needs the most. I know that places like Cornell University, they’ve got a day in the life of an architecture student videos, you can actually watch what it’s like to study there. And I’m sure other universities do this as well. Actually look into the different programs and find which one suits you the best and which one will help you the most when it comes to graduating and getting your degree and actually moving into the field of architecture. But then again, most universities follow the same kind of curriculum and course outline, I guess, where you do your design studios, you’ve got construction courses, and theory work as well. And so, it’s also the same as the answer to the first question where it’s not so much of what you’re learning at university, but more what you’re doing on the side. What you’re doing apart from everybody else that makes you stand out. In the end, I wouldn’t be too focused on what university you’re going to because most of the time they offer the same courses. It’s just a matter of how motivated you are to do well and then and how far you push yourself, because it’s great if you got teachers that push you and that are able to mentor you. But most of the time, you don’t know who your teachers are going to be. It’s not like you know them personally. When it comes down to teachers, it’s just a bit of guesswork. And so, you really have to focus on yourself, and what you’re doing to make yourself stand out from the rest of your cohort.




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