What Should I Do in Highschool to Become an Architect? | Architecture Student Q&A 1

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On today’s episode, I answer Luis’s question (IG @myname1sluis):

“What do I need to do in high school to become an architect?”

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"What Should I Do in High School to Become an Architect?

“What should I do in high school to be able to be an architect?”

This question was sent in by Luis, his Instagram will be on the screen. Thank you for asking this question, Luis. The way I usually answer this question is to say that you know, you’ve obviously got your science and maths and your communication skills. And I actually recently did a video on this of what skills should you learn to be how to do well at architecture. I think that was two episodes ago on the podcast. So I won’t reiterate what I said there.

That was talking about how having the traditional skills of maths and science, you know, physics, engineering, and all that they’re going to help you. But, not having those skills are not going to make you less of an architect when starting out because you’ll learn those things over time with experience and practice. And so, to answer your question, what you should do in high school to be able to be an architect. It’s not so much what you should do at school, but more what you do outside of school.

During high school, you should work on building up your motivation to study architecture, and if it is something that you’re completely decided on doing, then you should devote all of your free time to doing that and learning about it and studying it and learning new programs. And just completely immersing yourself in the world of architecture. Everybody else is going to have those traditional skills of Physics and Chemistry and mathematics throughout high school. But if you’re already beginning learning the skills that you need to actually do well at architecture, which is you know, your communication skills, your software and technology skills . . . That’s going to take you a whole lot further. And I think that will be really helpful. So, it’s more so what you do outside of high school.


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