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Hey! My name’s Kyle.

From a sample of 25,000 students that applied to enter architecture school:
15.30% of them were accepted.
8.50% of them made it through to the second half of their education.
2.04% of them were awarded a degree in Architecture (post-graduate)
0.78% of them ended up working a job in architecture.

Successful Archi Student is a platform for architecture students to learn off one another to become the LESS THAN 1% of students who end up being successful in the profession.

On the podcast, you’ll hear from practicing architects, other successful students and myself, Kyle, a third year architecture student from South Australia.

Doing so, you’ll learn the tips and tricks to excel past the rest of your cohort and build the skills needed to take your work to another level.

On today’s episode, I welcome you on to the podcast for our very first episode! I’m super fired up to be starting the show and I’m glad you’ve decided to join me on the journey.

Specifically, I’ll talk about:

  • Welcome/Introduction to the series
  • I explain my ambitions for the podcast
  • I want you on the show!
  • Learn the one, biggest tip that will bring you success as an archi student.

I hope you enjoy the show! Feel free to discuss anything in the comments below. I try to respond to every comment 🙂

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What’s going on guys? My name is Kyle, welcome to the podcast. This is the very first episode of the Successful Archi Student Podcast. I am so fired up to be here, it’s been a very long time coming. I’ve been wanting to do this probably for a little over eight months. You guys would know this better than anyone, Architecture students don’t have a whole lot of time on their hands. But saying that I’m now finished my second year and I have holidays and so I’m going to have the next couple of months to kind of give you guys some content with the podcast. So, yes, welcome to the podcast. This is going to be a lot of fun and you guys are going to learn a lot from this I’m hoping. Before I get into today’s content though, I want to talk a little bit about Successful Archi Student and kind of what what it is and why I decided to start it really. So Successful Archi Student is a platform I guess for students to come together and share their ideas and to grow as architects. I want to turn you into the 1% of architecture students that end up getting a job and really having success in your profession. Because there’s a lot of things that universities don’t teach such as how to get a job and gain motivation and set some goals that will really take your skills to the next level and give you the life you want to live. Whether you’re still in high school and you’re just thinking about the profession or you’re on the other side, where you’ve just graduated and you’re trying to find a job. That’s what Successful Archi Student’s all about. Just helping you guys succeed in your profession and in your education, I guess.


So at the moment, we are just on Instagram, I guess, like we’ve got the website where I post some blog articles and we’ve got some other things going on like the Facebook page. But primarily we are just on Instagram, which, it’s good and I really enjoy connecting with you guys and Talking about kind of architecture in general and how you guys are going with your studying. I speak with a lot of people overseas, in different countries, and it is just great connecting with you guys. I think you guys are what makes a Successful Archi Student what it is. So I’m really appreciative for you guys. But saying that it is good to have that Instagram page and to be able to do that. But I can only really post these quick images or these short videos, I guess where I don’t really get into a whole lot of content about what I really intended Successful Archi Student to be about. And so that’s why I started the podcast now.


Hopefully, I can delve into some of these topics with a lot more depth and really bring some light to the world of architecture to you guys. So with the podcast, I’m hoping to be able to bring some professional and working architects onto the show To ask them some questions and because these guys and gals are working in the profession, and they’ve been through the education, they’ve obviously succeeded doing what they are. So I think to be able to bring some architects onto the show and learn from them would do Myself and you guys a whole lot of good, I guess, for lack of a better word. But yeah, so that’s something I’m planning on doing with the show. I also want to bring you guys onto the show as well. I feel like if you’ve done a really good project, and your teachers absolutely loved it, and all your friends and your peers, told you how well you did, I don’t think you should keep that to yourself. I really think to be able to bring you guys onto the show, to talk about your projects and if you’ve got some study tips for other students as well, I think it would just be a great opportunity to share with each other and to be able to learn as architecture students from one another. So, that’s one of my main goals for the podcast is to bring you guys on to talk about your projects. Some of you fourth and fifth year students as well have a lot of information and some good tips. You’ve been talking to me on Instagram as well. So to bring some of you guys onto the show, and some architects as well, I think would give you guys some amazing value, myself too. So that’s pretty much all I’ve got to say about the podcast, I think we should get straight into the content now. Today I want to talk about the number one thing to help you succeed as an architecture student. A lot of you guys message me on Instagram and say, what’s the one tip? The one hack, or, there’s a bunch of words, the one clue; that you have that will make you a successful architecture student. And really, that’s a that’s a tough question. And there’s not really just one simple answer because it is very dependent on the on who you are on where you’re studying and, and what your story is. There’s a whole lot that goes on behind That question. But despite that, I’ve been thinking about it and playing in my head over and over. Like, what is that one? That one thing if I could give you guys one tip to help you succeed as an Archi student, what would it be?


And I was thinking, maybe it’s one of the three P’s. You know, you’ve got passion, persistence, and patience, if you’ve got all three of those that is going to be, it’s going to do a hell of a lot to help you succeed and being patient, being persistent and being passionate about what you do that those three things that are keys. But then I also thought it could be your habits and the routines you create in your life, you know, the fact that you don’t check your phone every 15 minutes when you’re studying, because that’s a habit you’ve created, or you’ve created a good habit of waking up early every morning. And that’s the one thing that helps you succeed. Then I also thought maybe it’s the ability to sacrifice the finer things in life now, so that you can reap the rewards later. The idea of delaying gratification, that’s that kind of idea of; rather than partying now and studying later you study now so you can party later stress free and you’ve just, yeah, delaying gratitude, you’re delaying the gratification in your life.

But when I really narrowed it down it wasn’t just one of these individual three things. I had to think about what all three of those had in common. And it was your mindset, if you’re having negative thoughts and you’re telling yourself these toxic things. Yeah, it doesn’t matter how patient you are doesn’t matter how persistent you are. Doesn’t matter if you’ve got the most amazing routines in your life. You know, that’s the one thing that’s holding you back from achieving greatness.

Now I know this is quite a broad answer to “fix your mindset”. But I truly believe that once you start to organize your thoughts to work for you, then you know waking up becomes easy, drafting lines becomes easy, making models becomes easy. Just because that is what drives your passion in the end.

Now, I think I’m probably going to end the episode there because I want to keep these short and snappy, but I’m going to talk about this a bit more in the next episode. And a little spoiler, I guess, but it’s about having a bigger vision, and planning out kind of what the future holds for you. Because once you use your imagination to conjure up this idea of a successful life, then it makes it a whole lot easier to have something to drive towards. And I think that’s when you become successful. So yes, thank you guys so much for listening. I really hope to see you in the next episode, and I really hope to hear from a couple of you via email or Instagram direct message. If you guys want to be on the show, just send me an email Kyle@successfularchistudent.com. That’s K Y L E at successful archi student.com or message me on instagram just @successfularchistudent thank you guys again so much you guys are what make successful archi student great and I really appreciate you guys watching this thank you and I’ll see you in the next show.


If you have a project you want to delve in to and discuss, or you have some useful tips for other students you think would be helpful, please, send me an email to kyle@successfularchistudent.com and get in touch about it!
Otherwise, direct message me on Instagram @successfularchistudent and I’ll be keen to set up a skype call.

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