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The 3 BEST Tips for Studying from Home – Self-Manage Your Time Better as a Student and Get More Done

The 3 BEST Tips for Studying from Home – Self-Manage Your Time Better and Get More Done as a Student

Studying from home can be a challenge for some students.

With the whole COVID-19 thing going on, it’s forced us into some uncomfortable and unheard of situations . . . well, not for me.

As an architecture student, for the past 4 years I’ve been doing most of my study from home. I’ve developed some small tips and tricks to help manage my time better to get more work done.

So, for those of you out there struggling with this, let’s find out how you can self-manage your time better as a student, and get more done at home, without the guidance of your teachers.

Time Management for Architecture Students – 5 Tips To Boost Your Productivity | SAS Podcast 3

On today’s episode, I run through 5 time management tips to boost your productivity as an Archi student. Especially in your first years, it’s difficult to understand why you have so much work to do and so little time to complete it. Trust me, it doesn’t get easier, you just have to get better, and, you will over time. But, you need to practice these 5 time management tips if you want to see improvement in your time management, organisation and productivity.

Specifically, I’ll talk about:
• Removing distractions
• Organising your work space to be clean
• Organising your files and folders – online and offline
• Creating systems
• Setting goals and reviewing your time using a diary