Becoming an Architect in the US – Everything You Need to Know to Study Architecture in the States

From applying to architecture school to getting registered as an architect.

This is everything you need to know to become an architect in the united states.

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Becoming an Architect in the US

Everything you need to know to study architecture in the States.

Today I’m joined by soon to be architecture master’s student Natalie Perri from the United States to discuss everything you need to know about studying architecture and becoming an architect in America.

We discuss everything from what subjects you should study in your senior year of high school, how to apply to architecture school, what you’ll be studying as well as further down the path how to get registered as a practicing architect in the states.

A big thanks to Natalie for taking the time to chat with me today. It was such an enjoyable and educational conversation.

Natalie has her own Youtube channel which I highly encourage checking out for more videos about studying architecture in the states.


The plan for the episode is to explore the similarities and differences of what it’s like studying in the States, compared to Australia or somewhere else in the world.

We explore what the application process is like applying to architecture school. If there’s a high school student looking to study architecture we look into what they need and what should they do.

Natalie and I explore the general structure of the degree, how many years it is, how many classes we have, what they are and what they involve.

We look at how many projects you’ll typically have per class, as well as how they are graded.

Natalie and I share how many days a week we’re at campus in lesson as well as just studying. How long the classes are, what the work involves from first to third year, what the teachers are like, what the workload is like, how many hours we dedicate to our work each week, and if it varies at different points of the semester.

We look at the financials of being a student. How your university or college fees are funded.

Finally, we delve into architectural registration in the United States as well as Australia.

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