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The Best Tips for Studying Architecture

Need some tips for doing well in architecture school? I asked 18 students what they think is their BEST TIPS for studying architecture.


Towards the end of the episode I also share what I think is the most important thing to do as an architecture student – my number 1 tip for studying architecture.

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Hello Archi Students!

My name is Kyle, welcome to the show. This is Episode 36 of the successful Archi students podcast.

I was recently editing the video with David Drazil. I was editing through this episode and I was getting a little bit bored as you do as you’re spending hours and hours editing videos.

I decided to ask you guys on the Instagram page . . .

"what are your best tips for architecture students?" . . .

. . . and this is what 18 students said.

Be sure to stick around to the end because at the very end I will be saying what I think is the number one thing or the best tip for architecture students which you will find extremely helpful so stick around.

The first tip was from Sandra @sndrrst on Instagram.


Tips for Studying Architecture 1:

She says to “Be open minded. Don’t act like a 12 year old, be responsible, look for help if needed and be kind.”

There are some very general tips but very valid and I do appreciate those tips for architecture students.

Let’s go to the next one.

So next up, I believe this is a Russian name, which I cannot pronounce. I’m sorry, but their tag on Instagram is @1.heinersierra

So, I’m guessing Your name is Sierra, maybe, maybe not.

Anyways, if your name is Sierra, Sierra says,


Tips for Studying Architecture 2:

“Always think outside the box. feedback from your mates is the best thing.”

I agree with that as well. I think having other students give you feedback or other friends, even people, just your family members who aren’t architects – having them give you feedback on your concept or your design is extremely helpful and it can open you up to new ideas or new strategies for moving forward. A great tip from Sierra.

Leading on from that tip from Sierra. This is a tip from @aristenar.

Aristenar says,

Tips for Studying Architecture 3:

“Share the knowledge you have, because it helps to broaden the knowledge you already have.”

And, that’s a great tip as well. This is what I do. I share my tips with you guys. And I share my knowledge with you guys. And it helps broaden my knowledge because as I’m trying to find content for my next video, I’m going to go asking people for help or I’m going to go research on the internet to try find some information to give you guys to make sure that my information that I’m giving you is valid and important and something useful for your future.

So I think to share the knowledge you have it’s a very great tip.

@aung_naing_latt says

Tips for Studying Architecture 4:

“Fail hard and don’t be disappointed because you’re not alone.”

I don’t think that means to go out and try to fail.

Really do try your best to do well. But then learn from your failures. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t get disheartened by them. Don’t get upset because of something that didn’t go right but learn from that and move on.

So Teo Clarke (@teoclarke) says

Tips for Studying Architecture 5:

“Never give up.”

That’s just that same thing about just keep going. You’ll make it.

Marco Milincic (@marko_milincic) says

Tips for Studying Architecture 6:

“Don’t procrastinate. You just get stuck in a loop of panic nights before submit days”.

If you find yourself procrastinating, take a five minute break and begin writing down goals for what you need done.

And I think that’s super helpful.

If you guys find yourself procrastinatin, I suggest checking out this episode on working from home and being more productive.

Marko also says to

Tips for Studying Architecture 7:

“Use every possible chance to talk to the teacher or assistant. Be seen as a student who tries his or her best”.

I think this is very valid tip. A great tip.

@Danisnotonfire.jk says

Tips for Studying Architecture 8:

“Don’t die.”

Great tip.

Andrew McDonald, the first student to be on the Successful Archi Student’s podcast said

Tips for Studying Architecture 9:

 “Humility. Curiosity. Insatiability. Hope.”

Let’s Show It Better (@letsshowitbetter) says

Tips for Studying Architecture 10:

“Work in different scales.”

If you’re just working at one scale, you’re not really getting the full picture. By the way, let’s show a better has a great YouTube channel and a great Instagram page and you should go check out Stephens work because he is trying very hard like myself and he’s making a lot of great content for you guys. So go check him out.

@nduurhuus says to

Tips for Studying Architecture 11:

“Love what you’re doing.”

@valeriel__v  says to

Tips for Studying Architecture 12:

“Always keep an emergency energy drink stash.”

@mj_sultan_ says to

Tips for Studying Architecture 13:

“Be creative. Don’t compare yourself with others. Think you are unique and observe things.”

Jacqueline (@jacq.nguyen) says to

Tips for Studying Architecture 14:

“Find support from friends and family, stay connected and take breaks from time to time.”

Ahmad (@ahmad5280) says that

Tips for Studying Architecture 15:

“Many important things won’t be taught to you in school. Start learning from the field now.”

This, again, is what David talks about in the interview on episode 34.

This is great because this is what you’re doing right now reading this blog. You’re learning outside of architecture school, and this is going to be very helpful for you. So keep doing stuff like this.

Megan Eaton (@megann_eaton) says to

Tips for Studying Architecture 16:

“Sketch all the time.”

I really love this tip. This is what @thinzspam said, which is to

Tips for Studying Architecture 17:

“Learn as much as you can during the holidays so that you don’t fall behind in class.”

Tips for Studying Architecture 18:

Finally, tip number 18 was from @_.j_u_b_i._ which is to

“Use the world surrounding you as a dictionary to help improve your architecture.”


There are so many ideas in the world around you and you need to use them to the best of your ability to create new designs to create new and innovative ideas. And that is how you’re going to be a successful architect.

So I hope you found that helpful.

But wait, I did say I was going to give you my number one tip

My number one tip for architecture students . . .

. . . is to know what you’re spending your time on and to hustle really, really hard knowing what you’re spending that hustle on.

This is the number one tip I’m putting in my architecture hacks book coming out soon for free for all students, that I have been working very hard on.

This this idea of consciously doing.

A lot of people are doing busy work. They’re running on a treadmill not getting anywhere.

Successful people and successful architecture students, step off the treadmill and start running towards the finish line one step at a time.

However, the way that you do this is by consciously being aware of what you’re spending your time on, and planning every single day to take one small step towards getting there.

This involves the idea of knowing where you want to be in, 10, 15, 20 years time.

This also involves having smaller goals to help get you to that final big goal.

I think this is the number one tip for architecture students to stay motivated, to keep you doing and keep you working hard.

It’s this idea of consciously know where you’re going to be and then just putting in that hustle to get there.

That’s my biggest tip for architecture students.

I hope you guys found this episode helpful. Thank you so much for making it all the way through. If you guys want to get my new eBook, there are 60 architecture hacks in it.

It’s going to be free for you guys. It’s just something I’ve been working on because I really want to give you guys some more content and that’s the best way I thought I can.

It’s coming out soon!

I’m going to leave it at that.

I will chat with you again in the next episode of the Successful Archi Student’s Podcast.

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