Why and How I Decided to Study Architecture

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Why and How I Decided to Study Architecture

I was waiting for my studio render to finish and decided to share why I chose to study architecture, and how it became something I wanted to go “all in” on.

If you’re thinking about studying architecture or want to get to know a bit more about me, this video is for you.


Want to find out 7 reasons why YOU SHOULD study architecture? Or maybe you need 7 reasons YOU SHOULDN’T study architecture?

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I want to talk about why and how I decided to study architecture.

So, the typical answer to this question is “I grew up playing Legos and playing Minecraft and Sims”, but I don’t really think I can pinpoint that as a reason behind me choosing architecture.

I’m going to go back and talk about a little bit of a story from a few years ago. So I was in grade 10. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do when I was older. I remember it was in my personal learning plan (PLP) class, which was where we decide on some career parts we can go on and we kind of develop ourselves as we think about where we want to be in the future. And I really had no idea what I wanted to do is we had to do some work experience somewhere and maybe my grade 10 self who used to go out skating every day, and I didn’t really care about my grades or anything. I decided to do work experience.

Actually, I didn’t decide to do work experience, work experience chose me.

I left it to the last week and I had to do In a couple of days where I wanted to go and how I was going to get work experience in seven days, or else I would fail that course. So I actually went to a retail store called cheap as chips. And it’s so cringy to talk about now because I really could use this as an opportunity to get my foot in the door as an architect and get some work experience inside a firm, but I didn’t I did my two weeks of work experience or maybe just one week, but I did this at a place called cheapest chips, and I regret it completely. However, after this, I was still thinking, what would I do what like what is me because even though I didn’t do so well at this subject, and I didn’t take it too seriously, after it happened after the matter, it really got me thinking about where I wanted to be and where I actually see myself in 5, 10, 15 years down the track.

I actually remember being in this class and just playing. There was a garage band, we were just making music and making sounds on the computer smashing the keyboard I remember drawing on the desks and we caused a ruckus in that class, it was good fun. But anyways, back to the story.

It really got me thinking, what should I do when I’m older?

And so I’ve got three older brothers who I look up to. And so I asked the oldest one, what do you think I’d be good at? And I remember he just mentioned, I think you’d make a good architect. And I was like, why? And it’s like, I don’t know, just just something that pops out. I kind of just had a light bulb moment. It wasn’t really that I was super passionate about architecture. I was super passionate about buildings, but I was just like, yeah, you know, I’m creative. I work on a lot of stuff in the computers. I’m good at business skills and entrepreneurship, and I can tie that back in with architecture. And it wasn’t something that I kind of just decided on. It was something that built up over time. Although I had never really thought about architecture as a career before. I kind of just took onto it and thought, why not? So I just took I went all in with it. I went to an orientation day, towards the end of year 10 or year 11 in year 11, and 12 I started doing some architecture classes or design classes at school. And I was really enjoying it. Except I remember my last assignment for year 12. I did a project on architecture, and it’s pretty cringy. But all I did was like a floor plan and then a 20 page folio about it. We said I also made a model because my teacher asked me to make a model for him because she thought it’d be really good. She was all in with me. She’s like, she knew I was passionate about it. Except for my model class after spending a single night on it. She was just like, oh, what is this? She was expecting something so much better. And I kind of let it down. But yeah, quite surprisingly, actually didn’t really well at that class. So good on me. Anyway. So if it wasn’t for my brother saying that I should pursue architecture then I really wouldn’t have known about it and I really wouldn’t have kept going with it. So I’m glad he did. Because then at the end of year 11, I went to an orientation day at the uni I’m studying at now. I just really took hold of it, and I started studying it. And I started just going full in on it. So I’m glad he said that, because that’s probably the reason why I’m doing it now. However, when I think back at it, it’s kind of like I was really into like video games then. And it didn’t really matter what video game I played, I was always really good at it.

It sounds cocky, but it’s true. Like, I would spend hours and hours and hours into these video games. And I would just grind them out and I become the best at it. So now when I think about it, it doesn’t really matter what I decided to do. I could be doing medicine, I could be doing engineering, I can be doing art. But I kind of got that mindset and that mentality that I want to be the best and I’m gonna go all in on whatever it is I’m doing. And so I think that kind of gets to my point here, which is that success isn’t mentality. It has basic principles that are going to be prevalent across everything you do. So it’s really good to build up your mindset and read a lot of books about mindset and such. Access. And that’s really going to help you in the future. So that’s the how I got into architecture through my brother. Except the Why is a little bit different. Because why the Why is why it’s so appealing to me. And I think the reason why it was so appealing to me is because it is this mix of creativity with mathematics. And it’s this idea of business and people and legalities and can so many different things that are all intertwined into one and it says diversity of skillsets that you need to learn that was so appealing to me, architecture really is this unique, but so many different niche things you can go into career because it’s like, you don’t have to just be good at creativity. You don’t just have to be a good construction thinker and good at mathematics. It’s really you can have a diverse set of skills. And I think that’s what was so appealing to me. Anyways, I just thought I’d have a break from my studio class because I’m just doing waiting for a render now and I thought I’d share that with you.

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