Site Model Course – Learn How To Create 3D Contoured Rhino and Physical Site Model

  • Duration 20m
  • Total Enrolled 17
  • Last Update June 24, 2021


In this short course, you’ll learn how to make a 3D contoured site model quickly and easily in Rhino for your architecture project. From the Rhino model, you’ll be able to create the exact same site model for a physical 3D model.


What Will I Learn?

  • You'll learn how to generate a site's topography using SketchUp and Google Earth
  • You'll learn how to import a model from SketchUp to Rhino
  • You'll learn how to turn extract contour lines from the virtual model using Rhino's contour command
  • You'll learn how to use the Rhino contour model as a reference to create a physical site contour model that is to scale
  • You'll improve your Rhinoceros 3D software skills and knowledge
  • You'll improve your SketchUp skills and knowledge

Topics for this course

6 Lessons20m

Introduction to the Project


Rhino: Creating a Site Model?

Creating the topography for a site in Rhino by generating it in Sketchup using Google Earth.

Rhino: Creating the Contour Model

Physical: Modelling the Contoured Site

Recap + Review


Material Includes

  • 6 Lessons to Quickly and Easily Create Contour Site Models
  • The Project's Rhino File


  • Installed any version of Rhinoceros 3D
  • Installed any version of SketchUp

Target Audience

  • This course targets architecture students and high school students wanting to learn architecture.