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The Site Analysis Course – Complete Guide to Site Analysis in Architecture School

By Kyle Sinko Categories: Site Analysis
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About Course

You know that site analysis is important for your architecture project. So, you go to site with some friends. You take a sketchbook, your laptop and a few other tools, ready to analyse the site. You arrive. Now what? You stand around and chat for an hour then go home with a simple observation of the site. You get on google maps, draw the sun path, guess which way the wind was coming from and call it a day…

That is the extent of site analysis for a lot of us. Architecture site analysis might seem like a pointless task we do just to “tick the box”. But,  it’s not only really helpful, but essential and the first step to building a great sketch design and architecture project. If you complete a site analysis just to “tick the box” – you are setting yourself up for failure and leaving out a lot of key details that will help assist you in progressing your design forward.

My name is Kyle. I am going to show you how to do a complete architecture site analysis that will form the foundation of your projects.

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What Will You Learn?

  • You'll learn the importance of site analysis for architecture projects.
  • You'll discover the 4-step site analysis formula used to develop incredible architecture projects.
  • Gain the skills and confidence to perform site analysis to a professional level.
  • Learn tips and tricks to complete site analysis efficiently and quickly.
  • BONUS: Learn the 4 BIGGEST MISTAKES students make when doing site analysis.

Course Content

Introduction to Site Analysis

  • Introduction to Site Analysis

4-Step Formula to Site Analysis

Site Analysis Mistakes


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2 months ago
I found the course very helpful, the information was interesting and can be of use in my own personal life.
2 months ago
The course is helpful and insightful.
3 months ago
This short course teach me more my 5 year in architecture school course!!!!!!!!!
4 months ago
4 months ago
I'm truly grateful for these tutorials! The concise and informative approach makes it easy to digest, and the example work offers valuable insight and clear visuals. Basic information is presented clearly and thoroughly. I would have loved to be taught like this in school!
5 months ago
Thank you for all videos. How can i save these to watch time to time?
5 months ago
Helped a lot
6 months ago
It was a useful training. Maybe it would be better if you add English subtitles. My native language is not English so I had a hard time understanding some parts so you should add the subtitles then the video could be better with subtitles.
6 months ago
8 months ago
Really love it, thank you so much
8 months ago
8 months ago
Very simple and easy to follow. Thanks for explaining what seemed like a complex and time consuming process and making me see how site analysis is actually part of the design process and not just a tick-off task.
8 months ago
10 months ago
Very Informative
11 months ago
Very insightful.... Keeps the important issues at the forefront of your mind!!!!
11 months ago
Excellent material and good suggestions. Could be improved with more graphic examples of "do's and don'ts" with something this quick or add a checklist that we can view both prior to the course and afterward.
1 year ago
I was lost thank you lol
1 year ago
knowledge shared with great passion and clarity,very useful and thankful session
1 year ago
1 year ago
Great in-depth and concise content. I learned a lot. Thank you!