Revit & Rhino Workflow – Create and Document Incredible Designs

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  • Last Update October 8, 2021


Create in Rhino

Document in Revit


Learn How to Create A Waved Fin Facade + More


What Will I Learn?

  • You'll learn how to work between Rhino and Revit to design incredible buildings in Rhino and document them in Revit
  • You'll learn basic to advanced Rhinoceros 3D commands
  • You'll learn how to export from Revit in the correct file type for Rhino, and vice-versa
  • You'll learn how to create a complex waved fin facade that looks great
  • You'll follow along my typical workflow for a real life project of a multi-storey tower

Topics for this course

18 Lessons2h

Setting Up

Exporting from Revit1:38
Importing into Rhino00:00:55
Hiding Layers00:00:50
Reference Lines00:2:27

Creating the Fins

Importing to Revit

Facade Option

Roof Canopy

Finishing the Facade

Linking to Revit


Material Includes

  • Access to the Revit file(s) used in the video (1x Revit File with No Facade, 1x Revit File with Facade)
  • Access to the Rhino file(s) used in the video (1x Rhino File with No Facade, 1x Rhino File with Facade)
  • 17 curated, fun and engaging lessons to efficiently learn the Revit-Rhino workflow


  • Basic Revit and Rhinoceros 3D knowledge is helpful, but not essential

Target Audience

  • This course targets architecture and high school students wanting to learn architectural software that is relevant in the industry