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Revit & Rhino Workflow – Create and Document Incredible Designs

By Kyle Sinko Categories: Revit, Rhino
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About Course

Create in Rhino

Document in Revit


Learn How to Create A Waved Fin Facade + More


What Will You Learn?

  • You'll learn how to work between Rhino and Revit to design incredible buildings in Rhino and document them in Revit
  • You'll learn basic to advanced Rhinoceros 3D commands
  • You'll learn how to export from Revit in the correct file type for Rhino, and vice-versa
  • You'll learn how to create a complex waved fin facade that looks great
  • You'll follow along my typical workflow for a real life project of a multi-storey tower

Course Content

Setting Up

  • Exporting from Revit
  • Importing into Rhino
  • Hiding Layers
  • Reference Lines

Creating the Fins

Importing to Revit

Facade Option

Roof Canopy

Finishing the Facade

Linking to Revit

Student Ratings & Reviews

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1 month ago
There was a lot of helpful material here, but I had to hold my head and grit my teeth a bit watching the way you model the fins. You really need to use the project button in your OSNAP as well as setting your cplane to save a lot of work. Also, in terms of design, aside from the front awning, it would've been nice to see more dynamism in the undulations by using a loft or subd and then creating contours instead of a tween. But I will say the results aren't messy and this course was very well-done. Thank you.
4 months ago
could talk about some tools more like the angle finder and how to use it
5 months ago
Great Tutorial, gets you directly into the headspace of someone who is used to rhino and get the methods and way of thinking from it. I've never used Rhino before but having this short tutorial gives you the small tools to navigate and build up your skill from somewhere. Onlly "critique" I would advice is probably have the command history window a bit bigger so we can retrace the steps easier.
Thank you for this awesome tutorial! /R
11 months ago
I can learn how to import and export out between Rhino and Revit. THX
Justin Williams
12 months ago
Fantastic and easy to follow along!
1 year ago
Really like the explanation