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"How Much Can I Earn?"

You will receive a 50% commission on all eBook sales you make within 21 days of your customer clicking your affiliate link.

The book is valued at $7 USD. Therefore, you would receive $3.50 USD (before tax) for each sale made.

The opportunity to earn is infinite. You can decide to only push one or two sales of the book by posting once on your Instagram, Facebook or YouTube. Or you can continue to push it with multiple posts and stories to grow your revenue.

The opportunity for you to earn is endless.

"How Can I Start Earning?"

1) Register for an account using the form above. An email will be sent to you.

2) Use the link in the email to gain access to your username and password in order to login to your affiliate account.

3) Once logged in, click on the “creatives” tab to find your referral code. This is the first link under the “creatives” tab.

4) Share this referral code with friends, family and strangers. For every person who clicks your link and purchases a book from the site within 21 days after clicking it, you will be commissioned with 50% of the sale price.


If you would like to share images and videos I have already created in order to promote your affiliate link, you can download them under this same “creatives” tab. Read more about this here.

"What is the Payment Method?"

Your commissions will be paid to your specified Paypal account.

Once registered, you can add your Paypal details to your affiliate account using the affiliate section of the website.

If you do not have a Paypal account you can create one for free. A minimum of $10 USD in book sales must be made before you can be paid out. You can edit your payment information via your profile at the login page above.

"How Can I Promote It?"

You have a few options for promoting the book, but really, the main objective is to have potential customers (architecture students) click on your link:

1. You can use the creatives I have added to your affiliate account. You can find these underneath where you found your affiliate link in the “creative” tab. This includes a number of posts and stories for Instagram and Facebook.

With these creatives, you can post them and drive traffic to your affiliate link using the “link in bio” or story swipe up features (if you have access to these).

When a potential customer clicks your affiliate link, they are sent to a conversion-optimised sales page.

From there, I take over to ensure you have the best chances of making a sale.

The sales page is where they will learn more about the great product and if they decide to not purchase straight away, they will be re-targeted with an email flow and Facebook + Instagram re-target campaign.

2. If you do not want to use the creatives I provided, that is completely fine!

You can advertise and promote your affiliate link in which ever manner you find effective.

In fact, @student_of_architecture has requested I find all the best quotes from the book and from there, he has decided to create his own posts and stories using the quotes.

As long as you are promoting the book in a non-forceful and thoughtful way that puts the customer first, then it will be effective.

The more link clicks you get, the more sales you will make.

"How Can I Track My Sales and Link Clicks?"

Once registered, you can track your sales and link clicks using the affiliate section of the website.

You can view your statistics in real time. As a sale is made, it is added to your account. Therefore, I cannot edit these stats at all.


These statistics are updated automatically using an affiliate wordpress plugin.


As a side note, I am not doing this for the money. I genuinely want to get this book out to other students as I feel like it will provide value to their lives. By offering a paid incentive for other you to become an affiliate, it creates a win-win-win situation for the customer, who gets an extremely valuable resource for a cheap price, affiliate, who earns easy money for little work, and myself, as I get to build my brand of helping students succeed 🙂

"Can I Get A Free Copy Of The Book?"

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate, you may be able to receive a free copy of the eBook.

Please send an email to to request a copy.

If you have any other questions, feel free to send me a message using the messenger icon in the bottom right hand side of the page or send me an email at