(The Full Documentary - Live on Youtube)

Do you ever wonder what an architect’s day involves?


The life of an architect is revealed in this 90+ minute architecture documentary.

Join us this Sunday as the documentary premieres on YouTube.

Holy smokes! 6 months ago, our class was halfway through the 6th semester of architecture school. Everyone was busily trying to get their studio project done, but I had something else playing on my mind at the same time.

I had been receiving a lot of messages asking, “what it’s like to be an architect / student of architecture?” “I’ve heard of the difficulties involved with the profession and education, is it worth it?”.

It made me question it myself. Why are these the most common questions asked by aspiring architects? Could it be that the work of an architect is hidden behind closed doors? It is almost impossible to get an insight into what it is like. As students, we are heading blindly into a vast profession we know so little about.

This needed to change. I set out to make ONE VIDEO that put all questions to rest. One video that would give an insight into what it is really like. One video to help you decide if architecture is really something you want to dedicate your life to.

I collected as much filming and audio equipment as I could find (I might have gone through my brother’s equipment too… shhh), and set out to Baukultur – an architecture practice in Adelaide. I was taken on site visits, client meetings, builder discussions and hung around the office to capture what it is like being an architect. Man, did I realise how much I didn’t know I didn’t know.

My studio work was a priority, so I stayed up most nights until the early morning working on renders, layouts, drawings and modelling so that I could spend the days filming and editing.

The next week, I went to Northern Edge Studio where I met the founder, Paul. I think Paul said it best when he said, “once you finish Uni, you realise there’s still a lot to learn”.

Now, here we are. 6 months later.

The documentary is finished. Is the life of an architect worth all the stress, late nights, and struggle?

It is time to reveal the life of an architect behind closed doors.

What else can you do?