What is Successful Archi Student, anyway?

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We are a lot of different things, for a lot of different people . . .

In fact, we are all of these things:


On the podcast, you'll hear from practicing architects, other successful students and myself, Kyle, a third year architecture student from South Australia. Doing so, you'll learn the tips and tricks to excel past the rest of your cohort and build the skills needed to take your work to another level.

Instagram Feed

Instagram is often a tool that distracts one from being productive. That's why we created @successfularchistudent to transform your unproductive feed into an educational source of information, inspiration and advice.

Weekly Blog Articles

We post a new article every week on everything architecture and student success. Subscribe to our email list to stay up to date.


Give yourself the edge you need to succeed as a student. Courses for architecture programs from basic to advanced. We also provide courses that will help you succeed in life - not just as a student - focusing on topics such as finance, entrepreneurship, success, happiness, networking and so forth.

Youtube Videos

We have a massive range of videos that teach, inspire and entertain. We have videos on architecture tips and tricks, study motivation and advice for students with videos being released every week.

Essentials Store

In our online store, you can shop knowing that everything is only essential for your education. You can shop discounted products that have been assembled from experience, knowing that we wouldn’t promote anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

checklists and resources

We're constantly working on new resources that will help you excel over the students that don't know about us. We are always making new content and finding new ways to bring you value.

And so much more FOR YOU. . .

we are a hub for

"bigger future"


So, you can choose where to begin and if you need anything from us, we’ll be right here waiting.

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Library of Books

  • Massive list of books to help you succeed
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  • Books I've written to share my stories, experiences and best advice

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