Mechanical/Clutch Architectural Pencil


The perfect architectural pencil doesn’t exi . . .

Our 2B Mechanical Pencil is:

  • efficiently weighted to allow ease of use
  • easily refillable with lead
  • ergonomically effective for long duration use
  • much more cost efficient than wooden pencils
  • aesthetically pleasing in design
  • appropriate for sketching, drafting and model making
  • cheaper than any other mechanical pencil whilst being better quality.

Why are mechanical pencils great for students and architects?

  • Consistent lines: Mechanical pencils can achieve the type of precision and detail a regular wooden pencil cannot. With lead size ranging from as small as 0.3mm, you can draw very fine lines, perfect for adding detail to any creative project. This is a bonus if you like your handwriting to have the same line width all the way through, making it neater.
  • Ergonomic: Similar to a pen, the mechanisms inside the mechanical pencil give it more weight. This makes the pen more ergonomic for those who use pencils for long periods. Unlike the wooden pencil, the mechanical pencil always keeps its length so you never have to deal with a shrinking wooden pencil. Students often love it for this reason.
  • Different design: The blue/metal design of the 2.0mm Mechanical Pencil is aesthetically pleasing and students love it for its difference.
  • Cost effective & convenient: Mechanical pencils use refillable lead. This means you don’t have to deal with sharpening a pencil or disposing of their shavings. Your pencil technically never runs out, so you don’t have to buy new wooden pencils ever again.

The weighted feel of the mechanical pencil makes sketching, drafting and writing a much more pleasant experience than using a regular wooden pencil.

The pencil comes with:

  • 1x 2.0mm Lead Holder Pencil
  • 13x 2.0mm Black Leads (120mm long)
  • Case Holder For Leads
  • Sharpener (inside the case holder)
Choose Option

Pencil with 1 Lead, Pencil with 13 Leads and Case


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