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[Sticky] Kyle's Hello! Meet other motivated architecture students.  


Kyle Sinko
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13/12/2019 10:23 am  

Hello to everyone!

I thought it would make sense to introduce myself and explain my intentions for this forum where I encourage you to introduce yourself and network with other architecture students.

The basic template for this forum is to introduce who you are, where you're from, where you are in terms of your education and what you love about architecture. You can expand on this as much as you would like to and talk about anything you want.



So, with that said, here's my introduction 🙂

My name's Kyle Sinko. I'm a 19 year old architecture student from South Australia, about to go into my third year of my bachelor's degree.


I absolutely love studying architecture. The idea of mixing creativity with technical skills is brilliant. Architecture allows me to be imaginative and artistic whilst requiring skills such as dealing with people, sales, public speaking and presenting and also every aspect of business from marketing to accounting. It seems like the perfect profession in my opinion.


My favourite thing about studying architecture is therefore the freedom it gives me to present my creativity in a professional and influential way to better the way people live their lives.



Networking is the most important thing you can do for yourself in order to be successful. After all, it's not what you know, but who you know!

I encourage you to introduce yourself on this forums and start meeting some other Archi Students just like you. That way, we can all help each other to become the best architects we can be.

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20/12/2019 10:30 pm  

Hi all!

Don't want to leave Kyle's message lonely in this forum (it is Christmas time and no one is allowed to be alone, even messages), so here it goes.

My full name is Egle Dinapaite (personally, would not recommend to try to pronounce it 😀 ), I am from Lithuania but currently living and studying in Northern Ireland. At the moment, I just finished my first semester of stage 1 Architecture course

As long as I can remember, architecture was the path I wanted to go. Unfortunately, I could not start my architecture course straight after the high school, so I studied Architectural engineering (a.k.a. building services) for two years and got my associate bachelor degree in it. While studying engineering, I had to co-work with people from various other courses (civil engineering, architectural technology, structural engineering, quantity survey and etc.). The common thread between all these different people was the belief: 'Architects only care to make it look pretty'. 

This became  my motivation to prove them wrong. In all my projects I try to step aside to focus on sustainability, people comfort, not just design side of it. 

Always nice to meet new people with great minds!

Thanks Kyle for the Successful Archi Students! 💚

Kyle Sinko
Honourable Archi Student Admin
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21/12/2019 7:38 pm  


Haha thank you for not leaving me lonely on this brand new forum! 😉


It's really great to hear from you Egle! Nice to meet you.

That's such a good way to get into architecture! You'd be really knowledgeable in lots of different aspects of building which I reckon would be extremely helpful.


I really love your reasoning behind studying architecture, it's very motivational 😀


Cheers Egle! Looking forward to building on this relationship.

Kind regards,



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