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Hi everyone!

I just started my second year of architecture in September, and my first assignment is making a section perspective of Villa La Roche, Paris, by Le Corbusier.

We were supposed to learn the method of how to make a section perspective by hand (with t-square, ruler, and triangle) during the second semester of the first year of architecture. Unfortunately because of the coronavirus situation, we missed a lot of geometry classes. Therefore our professor did not explained us how to draw a section perspective in the first year. 

Before giving us this second year assignement, the professor quickly explained how to make a section perspective, but I did not understand much. In my opinion, you need to take time to explain students how to draw section perspective because it is a very important technical architectural drawing. 

I've looked everywhere on the internet how to draw a section perspective but my only results are pictures of section perspectives or methods of section perspective on architecture softwares (SketchUp, CAD etc). The Ching does explain it in Architectural Graphics but very briefly.

So my question is : How do you draw a section perspective by hand (with t-square, ruler, and triangle)?

Thank you very much. 

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G'day Arjun! It must be tough still studying from home, I feel bad for those who can't go to classes!

I am in the middle of filming a series on architectural drawing, first off being floorplans, with sections coming next - so I won't get too in depth right now as there's plenty of content on sections coming over the next few weeks.


Whenever I need to do sectional perspectives, I cheat a little bit.


I'll model up my design using 3d software, create the section perspective view I want, and then trace the outline. This is the best method for having legible lines, as you know your perspective lines are drawn perfectly.


Starting from hand though, I would try hang out for the videos I'll be releasing over the next few weeks/months.


Best wishes to you!


Thank you for your tip! I'll stay up to date with your youtube videos.

But isn't there any simple explanation of how to draw section perspective by hand with t-square and triangle? I find it really weird that there's absolutely no explanation on the internet about hand-drawn section perspective, don't you? No blog, website or video tried ://


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