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This question was sent to my Instagram and email by Paul Garcia. I thought I'd share my response with the community as well in case the information can be useful to others 🙂


Hi my Name is Paul and I'm from Riverside Secondary! I was wondering if I could ask you 6 questions about your career as an architect because it has been my passion for a very long time! If you can respond, that would he great! Thank you!

1. Why are you so passionate about this job?

2. What obstacles have you been through to get to where you are today?

3. What advice would you pass onto someone who has the same passion as you?

4. Would you be open to any further contact from Riverside Students, and if so, how would they contact you?

5. When did you find out about your passion for this career?

6. Have you had any role models that have inspired you to do your passion?

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1) Practicing architecture is a mix between being creative, analytical, persuasive, social and a whole array of other skills or traits. The fact that you can be artistic one minute, and the next be working on construction drawings figuring out how pieces fall together, and then five minutes later be communicating to clients about their goals and ambitions is wonderful. It really is the "jack of all trades" and includes all of the skills I enjoy practicing and exploring.
2) There have been many obstacles, as there are with anything in life. Getting a job is often an obstacle for most people and I'm currently on that journey of not only finding work, but finding the right mentor that is going to teach me to become a great architect and business person. I'm looking for someone who can show me the ropes while I continue to study architecture and it's not easy to walk into a firm and offer myself and my services.
3) I would say that it's important to make and embrace mistakes. Everyone makes them. Successful people use them as steppingstones to success. For every failure brings with it a seed of equivalent success. It's just a matter of actually learning from the mistakes you are making and to apply changes the next time you do it. It's okay to fail and to make mistakes - but it's not okay to make the same mistakes twice.
4) Definitely. I enjoy connecting with other students. You can find me on pretty well any social network.
Instagram @successfularchistudent
Facebook @ Successful Archi Student
Youtube @ Successful Archi Student
Snapchat @ ArchStudentLife
or simply email me using this same address.
5) It was in grade 10 when I was 15. I was trying to find something I could do when I was older and I remember my brother saying "hey, you'd make a good architect". Literally, that was all he said and I stuck with it and learnt as much as I could about it. It's just as well that he said that, as I enjoy practicing it every day.
6) I worked in a firm for 2 weeks with one of my first year university tutors, Greg Bond. I learnt so much in those 2 weeks and over the course of the second semester with him and appreciate his mentorship. As of this moment, my mentors would be people that I haven't met in real life but communicate with and look up to. Anthony Laney is a Los Angeles firm director who I'll be interviewing in the next coming weeks. I've been following his journey from the beginning - from when he and his wife left their architecture jobs to work in their humble home garage to start their own thing. To watch their journey from humble beginnings, to one of the most well-respected architecture firms in LA has been educational and motivating to say the least.
Additionally, non-architecture related people such as Dean Graziosi, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tony Robbins and Grant Cardone have been good mentors to me from watching them online and listening to their podcasts daily.
Hope that is helpful!

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