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Creating a portfolio website


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Hi Kyle,

I've recently been researching ways on how to create a portfolio website. After looking at your amazing website I wanted to ask for some advice and how you went through creating it. Thank you!

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Hi Warren. Thank you so much for the kind words about my website!


I didn't have any previous knowledge when it came to building websites. I think my best advice is to just get started.


Along the way, you'll come across challenges and new ideas. You won't know how to work around those challenges or create those ideas, and that's where Google and Youtube come in handy.


Every time you come across something you're unsure about, you can very well find the solution on the internet.


Over time, you'll have created a website and even if it's not perfect, you'll be able to refine it and will have learnt a LOT in the process.


I guess my advice is to just jump in. That's the best way to learn 🙂


Thanks again Warren.




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