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hi there, i really want to ask about making architecture diagrams for 1rs or 2nd year students.. i’m in my 4th semester and i still dont know how to make good architecture diagrams.. also it’s the last semester i’ll be using my hand and not computerize the analysis.. so i keep learning on making diagrams by hand and looking for it in books and even the internet but it seem useless cause i always get average score.. i feel like maybe i’m not critical enough but sometimes when the professor asked me to present my works (and diagrams) they would say that i’m really critical but i might need better diagrams to cover all my thinkings.. and i feel like it’s not enough.. my friends got good grades and i sometimes dont want to look at their works cause it might make me feel small. i tried my best but i still fail in making diagrams.. like i was analyzing a house as a project precedent and i did everything i got to make the diagram but it still wasnt enough for my professor and teachers..

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Hello Sherine!
Thank you so much for taking the time to write your message, I’d be happy to help you out.


The first thing that crosses my mind is that you can’t be caring what other students do or say. You’re running a marathon and you need to stay in your own lane to get ahead. It doesn’t matter what others are doing, as long as you are getting better every day. Even if it’s only one small step forward.

Saying that, your grades reallyyy don’t matter. As long as you are learning from your mistakes and the work you are doing.

It’s important to analyse your semester and work after it’s over, and the fact that you’ve written this message shows you’re giving it good thought! If you understand where you went wrong, you can tackle that and move forward to get better.

Over my next semester, which starts in just over a week, I’ll be documenting the whole journey and will make a video on creating diagrams with examples of mine

I think you’re doing great in my humble opinion.


And, if you stop comparing yourself to others it will really help slingshot you forward. Focus on learning and getting better and focus less on what others are doing. Practice makes perfect. I really think if you keep doing what you’re doing - trying your hardest, making mistakes and reviewing them to get better next time you do it - you’re going to be a great architect. Also, it’s not a bad thing to forget about your weaknesses. So what, you might not be great at making diagrams. Guess what, you’re great at critically analysing projects and creating ideas. And I bet you’re great at rendering or model making or drafting or something else. It’s not a bad idea to focus on what you’re good at, instead of what you’re bad at. To “niche down” on what you’re too at means you can have specialised knowledge later when you graduate, where other people who are good at diagramming van do that, where you’re going to be really good at something else.



That was very long so I’m sorry for the harsh read! I’ll keep you in mind over the next few weeks and will be creating some videos to help you over this year. Hope it helps, Kyle


Check this Architect. Bjarke Ingels work, How he presents their work is very interesting. Also, his book "Yes is More" it's unlike a typical architectural book.

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